An Internist: Dr. Jim Eells

Dr. Jim Eells

Dr. Jim Eells is an internist. A physician who specializes Internal Medicine, it deals with the diagnosis and treatment and prevention of the adult disease. Before becoming a successful physician he studied first at the prestige school of medicine in Las Vegas. He took his medical course at the Nevada School of Medicine and University of Nevada- Las Vegas. Nevada School of Medicine aims to produce great physicians. It offers a distinct opportunities to students who wants to be in the medical field like Dr. Eells. This school offers the students the chance to work openly with physicians and to interact with their patients. This could be the reason why Dr. Jim Eells choose to practice personalized concierge medical care. This is one of developing medical schools in Las Vegas that begins their clinical exercise in the first two years in the field and involves preceptorships with the community based primary care medical practitioners. This school offers opportunities for students to experience their medical practice and to be exposed to the realities of their chosen field.

The University of Nevada-Las Vegas is a public research university. UNLV is also a medical school that promotes different medical facilities and ensures their students to be one of the best and well known in the medical profession.

Dr. Jim Eells

Studying to these two medical schools can be one of the many reasons why he became known to his profession. As we all know choosing the right school for our education plays an important role on how one can be successful to whatever path he wants to take and Dr. Eells made the decision in pursuing his dream to this institution. It is very essential that we know which school can mold us and can give us the career we want to take for the better future. Don’t just go for the name of the school but what matter is on how you learn and gain knowledge to broaden your understanding and I think Dr. Eells also consider these insights. University of Nevada- Las Vegas and Nevada School of Medicine already prove that they can produce the best physician who will graduate from their school because of Dr. Eells.

His education helps him a lot especially to his practice in personalized concierge medicine where his purpose is to make a quality care for his patients in such a way that their needs will be met. Without much knowledge that this school gave him he wouldn’t be a great medical practitioner now.