Andrea Doven’s Mind and Heart

Andrea Doven 20
Observing some of the underprivileged youths who instead go to school are working is an issue that needs to be solved little by little or else this will become a very difficult dilemma to be lessened if this already becomes worse in the future. This is an issue that is rampant in some of the countries in the world nowadays.This bad situation let Andrea Doven care about Education. If there are many people like Andrea Doven, maybe this will be resolved easily. If an individual is very observant on what education can give to a person especially to the youth, there can be many people who will work on this.

Aside from the problem in education, there are also environmental problems. As we take a look on the environment, the cutting of trees, throwing of garbage to the sea, stream, ocean, burning of non-biodegradable materials like plastics including candy wrappers, etc. have affected the environment. With these situations, there exists the so called Global Warming because of those things that every individual does. In this scenario, there is an Andrea Doven who cares about the environment and there are also other individuals who develop steps or ways that will help solve the global phenomenon like Global Warming.

Andrea Doven

In every part of the world, there are also many incidents about violating human rights like the failure to ensure a minimum wage that will suffice a decent living, failure to prevent hunger or starvation in all communities in the country, the act of segregating the children with special needs (children with disabilities) from the mainstream schools, failure to avoid employers from discriminating in recruitment (based on social origin, political opinion, race, disability, sex, etc.), sexual abuse to children, maltreatment, etc. These issues should be solved as early as possible. The individuals should not wait the time when it is already too late; however, there is a person like Andrea Doven who cares about the human rights.

She is really the kind of person who is not just doing something for herself but instead she also helps the lives of other people. If the world has many people like Andrea Doven, the world will be peaceful and happy. Every individual should be observant with these issues and in just a simple way he can help solve or resolve the infinite occurrences or happenings like this. He needs not to just be observant but also to act. A simple step is already a big help.